Here is the course outline:

Module 1 (Independent Co-Regulation)

This module gives an overview of media regulation and the proposed media appeals tribunal. It also explains how the Press Council works.

Module 2 (Hate Speech & Defamation)

This is the first of two media-law refresher modules.

Module 3 (Privacy & Public Interest)

In the second media-law refresher module, we tackle privacy and public interest.

Module 4 - (Guiding Principles)

Familiarise yourself with the principles that guide ethical decision making and explore our interactive accuracy checklist.

Module 5 (Gathering and Reporting of News)

In this module, we use case studies to take a closer look at the section of the Press Code on gathering and reporting news.

Module 6 (Advocacy & Comment)

This module focuses on two sections of the Press Code that don’t apply to news content.

Module 7 (Headlines & Violence)

How to avoid headlines that breach the Press Code and what the code says about the presentation of brutality, gratuitous violence and suffering.

Module 8 (Sources)

Expert advice on dealing with anonymous sources and what the Press Code says about payment for information.

Module 9 (Assignment)


Module 10 (Exam)

Tips on common mistakes to avoid and a 20-question exam.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of completion